Fire Away Technologies

protect-against-wildfireHaving a Fire-Away Technologies system gives peace of mind to homeowners by providing fire protection for the exterior of homes, outbuildings, and the surrounding landscape. Fire-Away Technologies manufactures a multistage system capable of immediately dispersing large quantities of fire retardant, fire suppressant, and water. Powerful pumps are used to transfer fire fighting materials from holding tanks to areas of the property needing protection from a dangerous and destructive wildfire. The chance of a wildfire occurring in the Rocky Mountains has reached an all time high. The dry climate and ever increasing problem of dead trees due to pine beetles create a serious concern.

Wildfires can strike without warning and move at an alarming rate, leaving homeowners with limited time to evacuate and/or save their personal properties.

  • Protect your real estate
  • Have more time to evacuate
  • Protect your valuables left behind
  • Reduce damage cost
  • Irrigate your landscape